About Us

We are the revolution in online African food and grocery shopping. We are community-oriented, offering same-day delivery to your preferred location with easy online shopping. We are here to take away the stress of grocery shopping from you!
This model of grocery delivery service means a faster and easier access to your local African Store.
Buying your favorite products from your local ethnic grocery store will be delivered to you within two hours of purchase.

  • Vinedress is a grocery delivery company which created an online platform for consumers to buy groceries from their electronic devices.
  • Vision: To create an efficient platform for consumers to find the products they need.
  • Mission: To use modern technology to create an efficient platform for grocery shopping and delivery.
  • Value: Trust and Efficiency.
  • Vinedress has the administrative panel that help the company coordinate activities with customers, vendors and drivers.
  • Vinedress has customer application (vinedress) that customers use to purchase groceries.
  • Vinedress has Vendor panel for each vendor to access and fulfill orders from customers.

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