1. How does Vinedress work?

Go to App stores (Android or iOS) and download the vindress/vinedrive App. Vinedress App has ethnic grocery stores where you can shop for groceries. You choose the store you want, and all the items on the store are listed. You then pick the items you need and check out. The vendor will confirm your grocery request. Then your order will be delivered to the location you want.

2. What does it cost to use Vinedress services?

It does not cost you any thing to download the Apps on both Android and iOS play store. You can purchase your products from any store of you r choice. But we charge $5 delivery fee for a distance within 10miles of grocery pickup to drop off location. After 10 miles, for every 1 mile, customer pays $0.5.

3. What happen if I have issues with my order?

Issues like:

  • - Missing items
  • - Damage items
  • - Delayed delivery
  • - Failed delivery

You can call or send message to Vinedress Admin via the app.

4. Can I purchase from two different stores in one order?

No. You can only purchase from one store at a time. Every store has a check out delivery fee.

5. What happened if an item from my order is out of stock?

The grocery vendor will reach out to you to inform you of alternative item or the lack of it.

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